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When you have to refrain from food and drink throughout the day, the importance of food becomes all the more important. But drinks are what you try to hoard the most during sehri and splurge on during iftar. And there are a few refreshing drinks that become extremely popular during Ramadan. We are listing them here.

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1. Rooh Afza

Rooh Afza, the famous red drink, comes out of the corners in the supermarkets this month, does it not? The refreshingly cool, sweet drink can spark a lot of sibling rivalry on the iftar table if it’s distributed in not an equal way.

2. Tang

I can’t really say that this has a tangy taste now that it comes in different flavors, but it still stays in the top 5 drinks that we prefer in the holy month. And, of course, the original taste is great, but the mango flavor is something out of this world.

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3. Lemonade

One of the most refreshing drinks is lemonade. Given that the temperature of Karachi gets really hot at the end of spring and summers begin with a heatwave, the thought of lemonade at iftar brings relief.

4. Lassi

The sehri drink lassi has many benefits attached to it. First of all, for those who like to sleep off most of their Roza, lassi helps in that. Moreover, since it is made with yoghurt, it helps with thirst throughout the day.

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5. Squash 

Squash is yet another drink that brings happiness to the people fasting. Considering the other drinks are very diluted, the texture of Squash makes it stand out amongst all five.


But of course, the most important of all is chai. It remains popular all year round, but rozedaars are reminded of its utmost importance through the duration of the fast. So much so that they religiously consume chai in sehri and then, right after iftaar.

These were the refreshing drinks that we believe deserve to go on this list. In fact, we think you would all unanimously agree with this list. But if you are an exception which is highly unlikely, we would like to hear your opinion.

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