McDonald's Open Door 2016

18 years, 13 cities, 37 restaurants and millions of die-hard fans; McDonald’s Pakistan has prominently risen as one of the most powerful and popular fast food franchises all over the country.

The glorious golden arches have easily spurned into a vast fast-food to become the reliable go-to spot loved by every food-a-holic. Whether it’s your breakfast bite or a low budget snack time, McDonald’s always has a fix to satiate your hunger cravings.


In 2015, McDonald’s Open Door campaign victoriously attracted foodies to the McDonald’s kingdom, enthralling them to visit their kitchen powered by modern technology equipment and to see how their scrumptious meals are prepared to perfection!

Returning yet again, McDonald’s is rolling out the red carpet for all Pakistani fast food lovers to visit their eateries, take a tour of their kitchen and fall in love with the sheer efficacy of its system.

Watch the TVC here:

In 2015 alone, a whopping number of 20,586 people opted to witness McDonald’s kitchen live.

For those who missed it the last time and are wondering why you should seize the chance this year, Brandsynario has to offer five reasons of goodness why you must visit McDonald’s Open Door Program!

1) Inspect Hygiene up Close

In times when Pakistan has been favorably hit with a much-needed hygiene revolution, McDonald’s has been willingly leading the way to an open door policy for the longest time. It has recently been highlighted that people can actually see behind-the-scene-magic at McDonald’s, complete with the highest standard of food quality and hygiene.

2) To See Is To Believe

While all fast food brands claim to offer food made with stringent hygiene processes, we all know that only a very few stand correct. But McDonald’s has made sure we just don’t hear the usual banter about cleanliness and hygiene standards; instead, they are eager to make you believe that the food you are eating is prepared hundred percent safe and fresh!

3) A Visit to the Dreamy Do-it-All Kitchen

We bet you will go all starry-eyed in awe once you view how uber cool McDonald’s have designed their hi-tech, organized kitchen. A hefty amount of automation and gadgets drive their cooking area, making the tour a thrilling experience. And honestly, nobody has been this daring to let their fans see all the secret technical processes of food preparations like McDonald’s.

4) Know What You Are Eating!

A tour de McDonald’s kitchen will give you the ultimate opportunity to understand once and for all how your juicy, succulent burgers are made because McDonald’s stringently follows Halal practices in all steps of the supply chain from slaughter house to restaurant.

5) Even Your Favorite Celebs Believe It

Famous celebrities like supermodel and mother Nadia Hussain, Dr. Farzeen and Chef Shai are vouching for the high and safe quality standards carried out at McDonald’s. Seemingly, no one has left McDonald’s kitchen unconvinced about their behind food preparation processes.

So when are you going to witness McDonald’s Open Door Campaign yourself? Sign up for it here and don’t forget to take your friends and family along on this worthy ride!