Samsung Note 7 and other failed products
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The tech giants of today had to go through quite a lot of obstacles to stand where they are today. There was a time when Samsung was considered as a rising brand and people were still coming to know of it. However, today it stands as one of the best and robust names out there, with impressive products under their belt. That does not mean we can ignore the obstacles and failures that they had to go through, since failure is what pushes someone towards success.

Let us take a look at some of the products by Samsung that were considered commercial failures. These products may have been quite innovative and forward-thinking for their time, but it seems that they just did not sit well with the people. Many found them confusing and the product itself was shelved for years to come.

1. Samsung F700

When Apple had come out with the iPhone, Samsung attempted to compete with them by releasing the F700. It featured a sliding QWERTY keyboard and a touchscreen. However, its outdated operating system and the lack of a robust app ecosystem contributed to its failure in the smartphone market. People did not feel they had an application for it.

2. Samsung Galaxy Player

This was another one of the company’s attempts to compete with Apple, who had recently released the iPod Touch. The Galaxy Player failed to gain a viable audience due to its high price, limited features compared to the smartphones of the time, and the dominance of Apple’s iPod in the portable media player market.

3. The Glyde

A touchscreen phone with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, the Samsung Glyde faced issues with a sluggish interface, unresponsive touch screen, and poor build quality. People were feeling annoyed more and relaxed less when interacting with this product, thus leading to a lot of negative reviews.

4. The Galaxy Note Edge

While the Galaxy Note Edge introduced a unique curved display on one side of the device, the practical applications for this feature were limited. The phone itself was stylish but the people had no application of it that they didn’t already have in their old phones. The high cost and the lack of uses for the curved edge resulted in lower-than-expected sales.

5. Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Of course, we cannot talk about failed Samsung products without mentioning the one that had its battery catch fire! It had a faulty battery design, leading to numerous incidents of the device catching fire or exploding. Samsung had to recall and discontinue the product.

These are some of the products that nudged Samsung in the right direction to go on and build better ones.

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