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Has anyone out there ever heard of Skynet? Do you remember the famous movie line “I’ll be back” by Arnold Schwarzenegger? Yes, the film is Terminator, and Skynet is a super-intelligent computer. That computer is a lot of people’s perspective on AI. However, AI is not on that level of advance or self-realization in the real world. Yet.

So, let us look at some ways that AI (Artificial Intelligence) is impacting businesses. In essence, AI Businesses. So, even though we’re not expecting a robot-driven apocalypse anytime soon, Elon Musk does have some scary words to say about that. He says that if such a scenario does happen, humanity has a 5% chance of survival.

AI Impacting Businesses
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1. Automation

Factories and Industries now thrive on automation. Long gone are the days when car parts used to be assembled by a labor force. Tesla uses a workforce of six-degree mechanical arms to assemble its vehicles.

Automation of the industry is what is taking us forward. The machines learn from errors and don’t make the same mistake twice. Automatic landing systems in aircraft tell the computer when to land. This is done by keeping atmospheric pressure, humidity, wind speed in perspective.

It’s actually impressive how far we’ve come in the field of AI in terms of automation, but we still have ways to go. Businesses have benefited from the use of AI in their equipment, electronics, everywhere!

Automation AI Businesses
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2. Customer Support

Various businesses use chatbots as their online representatives. As a user, you will be given a set of questions you can ask the bot, and they will have an appropriate response. Whenever you call PTCL to complain or message an online retail store, you will first be received by a chat not. In PTCL, it’s in the form of a bot asking questions on what you wish to do and then providing corresponding keys on the phone pad.

Chatbots can learn from responses and respond accordingly. There is a hefty amount of research being done in this sector for quite a while now.

Computer Chat Bots
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3. Higher Security:

It was easier to rob banks back in the old west. It was easier to rob them in the 60s. Crime rates skyrocketed back during John Dillinger and Ted Bundy because of a lack of security. Now, with evolving technology, businesses have employed the use of AI.

They may use systems such as facial recognition or voice recognition. Retinal scans are the way to the future, and palm scanning, recently employed by Amazon One.

Some programs sabotage your computer system if you attempt to penetrate it. There are safeguards in place present in case of a vehicle accident. The car can adjust according to how the is taking place.

AI Impacting various businesses
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4. Reduced Cost

With the use of a manual labor force reduced, it saved businesses quite a lot of capital on wages. However, there is still the matter of maintenance for any automation systems that are being used. If there are smart security systems in place instead of an entire security time, the upkeep cost can be managed better.

Of course, there are places where automation may not be the way to go because human instinct is still useful. It may be critical in life-saving situations.

Computer based systems
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5. Prediction

AI today can give out a set of outcomes for any given situation. It requires the parameters for the said situation. If the probability is correctly calculated, the outcomes can be quite useful. Tectonic plate activity can be used as a parameter to predict Earthquakes. Similarly, wind formation and atmospheric pressure can be used as parameters to predict tides or natural disasters.

All of these things are just a handful in the line of many where AI is influencing businesses.

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