Pakistani politicians shared their asset details with the Election Commission of Pakistan, which then became public.

According to the reports submitted, here is a list of politicians and their assets (on-record) as well as their value.

1. Asif Ali Zardari

According to Zardari’s affidavit:

  • value of all his assets is worth Rs. 758,669,073 (758 million) with the major source of his income being agriculture
  • owns 349 acres of agricultural land, with 7,399 acres of farmland obtained on lease.
  • earned Rs 134,016,650 in 2017 from agricultural business
  • has an investment of Rs12.9m in ‘Land Marks’ and Rs890,000 in Asif apartment (Huma Heights).
  • owns three Toyota Land Cruisers, two BMWs, and one Toyota Lexus.
  • possesses arms and ammunition worth Rs16.60m.
  • paid Rs 26,32,490 as tax in 2017
  • holds UAE Iqama as well
  • has a work permit for the Emirates

2. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, son and acting chairman of Pakistan People’s Party also had his details submitted to ECP.

It was found that the total value of Bilawal’s assets:

  • are worth over Rs 1 billion and he paid Rs 237,152 as income tax
  • His main source of income is foreign investment, rental properties, bank profit, and agriculture as well
  • has paid Rs 3.95mn in the form of agricultural income tax.
  • has Rs. 50mn in cash and Rs 13.86 million in banks
  • owns 20 properties in Pakistan including commercial, agricultural and residential
  • owns 2 villas in Dubai, Rs 1.25 million in government bonds, Rs 1.11 million worth shares, one investment in the UK, 22 in UAE,
  • owns arms and ammunition amounting to Rs 3 million and the same for valuables and other daily use items
  • does not own a car,
  • value of Bilawal house in Karachi’s renowned Clifton area is worth Rs. 3mn.

3. Maryam Nawaz

The breakdown of Maryam’s assets are as followed:

  • assets are valued at Rs 845,953,559 (845 million) for 2017
  • own 1,506 kanals
  • a shareholder in multiple mills and industries
  • Jewelry worth Rs 1.7 million, received Rs. 40 million as gifts
  • Invested 3.4 million in flour mills
  • Took loan of Rs. 20 million from brother Hasan Nawaz
  • Granted Rs. 7 million to Soft Energy Private Limited as a loan

4. Shahbaz Sharif


According to details of Shahbaz Sharif assets submitted with his nomination papers, the former CM of Punjab:

  • has assets worth Rs 159 million
  • own two flat in London worth £241,281 and £677,014
  • owns two properties worth Rs14.8m in Lahore and Murree
  • owns 670 kanals of agricultural land worth Rs35,000
  • owns a Toyota Land Cruiser worth Rs6.3m
  • has shares in five mills, including Hamza Spinning Mills, Hudaibiya Paper Mills.
  • a bank balance of Rs 11.4 million
  • has taken a bank loan of Rs 38,94,518.
  • wife Nusrat Shahbaz owns two houses worth a total of Rs186.6m
  • second wife Tehmina Durrani has net assets worth Rs5.8m

5. Imran Khan

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman, Imran Khan boasts the following asset details:

  • owns assets worth Rs 38,694,493 (38.6 million) paid Rs 303,763 in taxes in 2017
  • reflect a rise in asset value from Rs29.67 million in 2013 to Rs38.6 million in 2018.
  • owns 14 properties in Pakistan
  • owns a residential property in Bani Gala worth Rs11,471,000 which was gifted to him
  • earned Rs 4,776,611 in 2017 with sources of income being MNA’s salary, PCB pension, agricultural lands (168 acres) and bank profits
  • owns 6 kanal and 16 marla land in village Mohra Noor in Bani Gala, Islamabad worth Rs5,050,000.
  • own 243 kanal and 6 marla land in Bhakkar, which is worth Rs4,200,000.
  • has one Euro account, two Dollar accounts, and one Pound account

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