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If the pandemic’s arrival was not enough of a signal for you that the year 2020 was cursed, well, let me tell you that there were many more signs that appeared aside from that. And if you still refuse to believe it, then I guess you have more trust in the year than our Pakistani drama heroes have in their significant others. Right now, we are going to be listing down some of the mysterious discoveries that justified the label of ‘the cursed year 2020’.

1. Blackhole

A black hole was discovered. It was apparently the most massive and strangest blackholes spotted near the earth. And black holes, as we have been introduced, are phenomena that consume any and everything in their paths—scared yet? Did I mention it was near the earth?

2. UFO Footage

We sane minds always knew that aliens exist. But some did not want to. Well, bad news for them, official footage of UFO sighting has been released. And guess what that means? It means they are already here. Although, I wholeheartedly am against all these notions that aliens are evil. If any of you are reading this, you can totally contact me for help.

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3. Monolith

A monolith was discovered in Utah. And ever since then, people have been finding these all over the world. The geometry of those figures is strange.

4. The Great Conjunction

A phenomenon that last happened 800 years ago happened just a few days ago. Is God giving us hints?

5. First dinosaur DNA

Did you see Jurassic Park? Do you find the idea of dinosaurs fascinating? Or does it terrify you, like it should a normal person? Well, as you will know from Jurassic Park that it all happens when someone with money and someone with scientific expertise when they get together, disasters like Jurassic park happen. And it all started with getting their hands on the DNA of a dinosaur. We are finally getting our hands on the DNA of a dinosaur. Merry Christmas!

Bermuda Triangle, I tell you, is a thing of the past. With these mysteries appearing the entire year, astrologers must have had a field day trying to read the signs. I just hope that these are all of it and that they are not the forwarning for more curses in the upcoming year 2021.

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