Put your spooky pants on because Halloween is right around the corner, and so are our recommendations for the best horror movies you need to watch. Because what better way to jump into Halloween than to embark on a mission of horror and creepy?

Here are some Halloween drops you need to check out this season.

1. Barbarian

The movie gained nearly $35 million at the box office, making it enough reason for it to add to the must-watch list. Barbarian follows two people who mistakenly book the same Airbnb and find a series of mysterious tunnels underneath the basement. Starring names associated with horror, like Bill Skarsgard and Justin Long, it’s Georgina Campbell who stole the spotlight and made her journey in the dark labyrinth engaging throughout.

2. Smile 

The physiological thriller smile follows the story of a psychiatrist who starts to question herself after a horrifying incident involving one of her patients. Now haunted by visions and people eerily smiling, she attempts to try and figure out what it could be and how to top it before it consumes her.

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3. Hocus Pocus 

The live-action comedy ‘Hocus Pocus 2’ is a haunting sequel to the 1993 Halloween cult classic which brings back the delightfully wicked Sanderson sisters. A teenager discovers she might be a witch on her 16th birthday. Naturally, she lights the black flame candle and all hell breaks loose (literally), bringing the Sanderson Sisters back to Salem once again.

4. Prey For The Devil

With a well-rounded cast and the promise of plenty of bloodshed and a range of demons for this religious army to face, it twists the conventions of the genre and repurposes them with a slight thriller and action edge. It’s also a very personal narrative though, with one nun facing a haunting moment from her past. The story might look like done but brings audiences a really interesting concept.

5. The Loneliest Boy In The World

If you are not into hardcore horror then this movie might be your best bet. The film centers on a lonely boy who makes some zombie friends rather unexpectedly. It has a brilliant ensemble including veteran actors like Ben Miller.

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