5 Local Eateries In Karachi You Should Try If You Want To Save up

With rising inflation, fine dining is a thing of the past. While many eateries are opening up in Karachi with a fantastic ambience and delicious food, they often tend to become hefty in the pocket. Visiting economical eateries would be extremely helpful in these times, given that we often tend to splurge on food. It would be great if the food did not cost us an arm and a leg.

So, for your ease, we have selected a few eateries offering tantalizing food without compromising on your budget.

1. Haleem House

Haleem House is one of the most economical eateries to try haleem and daal chawal in Karachi. Located near Clifton block-2, the eatery offers servings for as low as 140rs. If you are planning to indulge yet save money, Haleem House is an excellent option to combat mid-day desi cravings.

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2. Noorani Kabab House

No offence to our gut health, but a big plate of oily kata kat with a side of chicken tikka hits right in the spot. And if there is one place which offers both economical and gastronomical delight – it’s Noorani. Located at main Khalid Bin Waleed Road, the eatery offers a variety of BBQs, including Kababs and Karahi, which cost as low as 300rs.

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3. Biryani Express

Biryani under 200rs? Yes, you heard it right! Biryani Express offers a serving of Aaloo Biryani for as low as 175rs. Meanwhile, their chicken biryani costs 250rs. Without compromising on the quality, the eatery offers a delightful serving with a savoury taste. A perfect blend of spices without feeling heavy on the stomach – who doesn’t like biryani that way?

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4. Desi Stop

Desi Stop is one of the best economical desi restaurants in K-town. Located in Clifton, the restaurant offers an extended BBQ menu which is not only tasty but also light on the pocket. Desi stop makes one of the best options if you plan on hosting a dawat on a budget.

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5. Roti Jee

What’s better than a hybrid of desi and fast food? That too in economical prices? Roti Jee offers a small customised menu with desi options costing as low as 60rs. So whenever you want a quick bite, visit Roti Jee near dastagir for a quick desi fix.

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