parallel parking
Credits: Renssealer Honda

Driving has become a necessity in life, given the fast-growing and changing era we live in.

You don’t have to own an expensive and luxurious ride if you know that it will not be much in use. A pro-loved small car will do just fine.

However, whether you end up owning a sports car, sedan, coupe, hatchback, or even a pickup or jeep, there are some fundamental yet essential driving skills that every driver must know.

These skills are easy to pick up, will keep you safe and sound on the roads, and will make sure you do not damage your car in any form so that your warranty isn’t compromised.

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1. Maintaining Control During Tire Blows

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Young drivers easily panic when something goes the slightest bit wrong. This means if they hear a sound they’ve never heard before, or experience something, it can cause them to take their attention off the roads.

Similarly, it is easy to panic when you blow a tire, and the car stars cause a bit of a problem when on the road. The solution here is to stay calm and try to maintain control over the car. Try to keep it straight as you make your way to the side to assess the damage and change and replace it with a spare.

2. Driving a Manual Car

Driving a manual transmission car is much harder than an automatic car for a beginner. However, once you pick it up, it won’t be an issue anymore. In case of emergencies and the unavailability of automatic cars, young drivers should practice manual as well.

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3. Attentiveness

No matter what happens, in whichever country you are, even if you are driving on an empty road, always be alert! Do not speed, drive in the normal limits, stop at ‘stop’ signs; try your best not to break any rules at any cost.

 4. Driving in the Rain/Snow

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Driving in the rain or snow is not an easy task; if you are driving, you can easily be blinded while motorcyclists have t worse. Be careful when driving in such situations. Look out for giant water puddles, if a car in front of you is crossing the water, look for large splashes, and operate at a slower speed than usual.

5. Parallel Parking

parallel parking
Credits: Renssealer Honda

This is one of the essential skills new drivers must try to learn if they wish to ace driving. Here’s what needs to be done:

Step 1- Pull up next to the car in front of your parking space, but not exactly right next to it.

Step 2 – Start backing up with the steering wheel fully cranked towards the curb.

Step 3 – Now that the rear wheel of the curb-facing side is even with the street-facing team, straighten the steering wheel and reverse.

Step 4 – When the rear wheel of the street-facing side of your car is even with the street-facing front of the other, crank the steering wheel in the opposite direction.

Step 5 – Reverse until you’re parallel.

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