5 Home Based Food Delivery Services In Karachi
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Home-based businesses have seen a massive surge in the last decade. While the employment opportunities are less, entrepreneur opportunities are on the rise. It has now become much easier to start a business at home, thanks to social media. And while there are only enough brands and items we can try, looking out for the best ones is always a massive task. So, you need not worry. We are covering all the home-based food delivery services you must try in Karachi.

1. The Lunch Company – TLC

Starting from as low as rs.200, the lunch company is a home-based food brand that offers weekly meal plans for its customers. The lunch company offers delicious homemade food in town, which is delicious and aesthetically pleasing. The wide variety of menu and the budget-friendly prices makes them one of the best options if you are looking for a weekly/monthly meal plan.

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2. The 4Teen Bistro

The 4teen Bistro is a fast-growing service provider in Restaurant and Catering industry. They offer Hygienic Food with budget-friendly options. Best catered for big parties and corporate events, the 4teen restaurant caters to all your needs, be it birthday parties or religious events. You can place a customized order of your choice from a variety of menus they have to offer.

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3. Farah’s Kitchenette

Food made with love, Farah’s Kitchenette offers a variety of cuisines and options, from frozen food items to freshly cooked dishes. The economical price point with a blend of amazing service and taste makes them one of the go-to options for Karachities. The best part is that they offer pop-up stalls so you can contact them for your events.

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4. AUR Chaawal

Aur Chaawal is all about natural and organic food options. They offer customized lunch boxes with desi ghee, pesticide-free vegetables, and hormone-free chicken and meat. A one-stop solution for everyone looking for restricted diet options as they offer a variety of dishes that are delicious and healthy as they offer a blend of vegetable dishes.

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5. Nawab Sahab Kitchen

What’s better than food? Traditional food is served in a traditional style, and Nawab Sahab is your one-stop solution for all the traditional and Hyderabadi dishes. They also offer catering services and weekly meal plans for all your needs.

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