Food is life but can it also be death? Okay, that’s too dramatic. But yes, it can be dangerous. And you know what’s more pressing? That the food items everyone uses in their daily life, can be harmful to you. In fact, they can be dangerous for you. For instance, a possible outcome could be severe food poisoning. So below is the list of 5 food items. Go through them and let us know if you ever thought these would be dangerous food items.
1. Rice

Kachhey Chawal or raw rice is the favorite munching snack of everyone, be it teenagers or their mothers cooking rice for their teenage children. They don’t have a taste of their own, but for some reason, everyone who gets a taste of it can’t let it go. But that, my friends, is dangerous. Bacillus cereus is a bacteria that survives in dry temperatures, and as the rice packets are kept dry in the pantry, this bacteria often contaminate the rice. If you don’t cook them properly, they can cause food poisoning.

Image Source: Tribune

2. Raw Eggs

Now, you may think, ‘who even eats raw eggs when there are so many different ways of cooking them?’ There is boiling, frying, frying in different ways, or if you are a real desi, you will cook it with the typical salan masala. But yes, some people do consume eggs raw or semi-cooked. The problem is they contain salmonella that causes food poisoning, and can also transport the flu virus in you.

3. Live Octopus

You may say that you are safe from this food item because no one can eat a raw animal. But here is the thing. Koreans, Chinese, and Japanese do eat raw animals. In fact, they eat animals that are still thrashing about. But what makes them dangerous? The suction cups on the tentacles of the octopus.
Image Source: The New Republic

4. Raw Milk

Everyone wants their kids to drink milk because it makes them strong. But if it is untreated, unboiled milk leads to several infections. This is so because raw milk and raw cheese contain listeria, E. Coli, and salmonella, which are very harmful to humans.

5. Chicken

Chicken is in almost 95% of our cuisines, and it, everyone knows, is dangerous if it is raw. But here is a fun fact, you may think that you have cooked chicken because it is not pink anymore, but it may still be raw. The best way to confirm your chicken is cooked is by bt checking the internal temperature. If it reaches 165 degrees, you are good to go. Otherwise, it may still contain traces of campylobacter and salmonella.

Image Source: Youtube

These food items are dangerous; this came as shocking news for us as it was for you. Tell us if you know of more food items that could qualify this list.

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