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Cars are precious assets we own. Often, because these metal machines can’t talk, we wind-up ignoring basic signals which can help save owners lots of cash.

Cars have important signals placed on the dashboard. They light up if something goes wrong. There are other signals as well a car hints at when something is fishy.

Here are 5 warning signs a car gives when there is a crucial problem in its engine:

1. Warning Lights

As mentioned above, the dashboard is full of symbols that represent different things. One of the symbols represents the engine and looks like one too. When the light comes on or flashes, this means there is trouble in paradise.

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2. Noises Coming from Under the Hood

Often cars run smoothly without making a ruckus. However, if your car is making irregular noises that are driving you insane, it is a positive sign that there is a problem. Though the problem may not be limited to the engine, it can be something else too.

3. Driving/Performance Problems

Is your car not smooth enough on the road? There’s a problem! Is it stopping in the middle every now and then? There’s a problem! Is it eating too much mileage and not giving you enough KMs? There’s a problem! Yet another sign why you need to rush to the mechanic!

4. Smoke

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At times if the engine is getting too hot or has wiring problems, smoke will start to emerge from the vents and car hood. Keep a vigilant eye on such signs.

5. Bad Smell

If you smell foul odor inside the car, you need to visit a mechanic as soon as possible. When a radiator has issues, it can even smell like rotten eggs. On the other hand, if it’s very sweet, it could be leaking antifreeze. A failed catalytic converter also leaves behind a bad smell.

What other signs do you keep track of?

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