The dashboard of your car features a speedometer, fuel gauge, and color-coded warning indicators. If something goes wrong with your car, these indicators give a signal with the illumination of warning lights.

As some of these are really serious, we must know what they mean or signify.  Your dashboard may be different but these symbols are more or less same in every car and indicate in three colors.

Red: Signals a serious problem or safety issue

Yellow: Signals something needs to be serviced or repaired immediately

Green & Blue: Signals that a function or system is working (operational)

Here are 15 important and most common car warning indicators one should know are listed below.

Engine Temperature Warning

In the shape of a pirate ship, this symbol signifies that your car engine is too hot. You need to cool down this overheated powerhouse immediately to continue your journey.

Tire Pressure Monitoring

The exclamation in a glass shaped indicator tells you that that pressure of one of your tire is too low. This needs to be addressed to run on the roads.

Oil Pressure Alert

Clearly indicating with fuel drop, this alert means that the loss of engine oil. Your engine is running on a low on oil and needs to be checked.

Traction Control

With a car sign on a curved road, this indicator means that traction control system of the car is engaged.

Engine’s Warning

Looks like a yellow submarine, this symbol can blink for many reasons whenever your car engine is having any problem.

Antilock Brake System (ABS) Warning

Seems like a cover of a fitness magazine, it indicates an issue with your anti-lock braking system and needs to be fixed.

Engine Start Indicator (Automatic Shift Lock)

With the shoe sign on break, this signal commands to either start your car’s ignition or get out of it neutral by an engaging break.

Battery Alert

Physics logo of the battery shows that your car battery voltage is short of power and not working properly.

Fuel Indicator

The most common of all with a fuel pressure pump sign, fuel indicator alerts that your car is running low on fuel.

Seatbelt Reminder

As obvious with the image, it pushes you to buckle up your seatbelt for safety.

Airbag Indicator

With a big air balloon over a passenger, this symbol indicates that there is an issue with one of your airbags or with the airbag system.

Fog Light Indicator

Look for a jellyfish sign, it tells that your car’s fog lights are on.

Security Light

The key on the car symbol indicates that you need a key to trigger ignition or there is a problem with your car’s anti-theft system.

Traction Control Malfunction

Exclamation pyramid in circled arrow shows that there is an issue with the anti-skid system or it is shut off completely.

Washer Fluid Warning

Your car’s washer fluid is low and should be filled as soon as possible.

Did you know about these signs?

Tell us about the important car signs and signals you know about!