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Weddings are the way of life. Whatever happens, they continue to happen. I mean just look at the times of pandemic. Even during peak lockdowns, people kept on getting married. But should you have a winter wedding or a summer wedding? We are in the favor of the latter. So let’s see why that is so.

1. You can hold the wedding at any time of the day

If we are talking about a daytime wedding, a summer wedding is a perfect idea since the days are long. The guests have enough time to reach the venue and the VIPs i.e. the bride and groom will get enough time to perfect their looks. If it’s a night-time wedding then the cool breeze will make your weddings even greater since it’s ‘summer nights’.

2. Vacation

Summer vacation time!!!

From Kindergarten to College students, they will all have their own off days for summer. Even office workers can apply for half-days or leaves in this season. And this ain’t just for bride & groom or their immediate family; the same can be applied to the relatives who attend the wedding. The more the merrier!

3. Brightness

From background to flowers to dresses, everyone’s going to look amazing in that bright sunlight. This is not just limited to people looking awesome in person, their pictures will also definitely turn out nice. Did you know that there are varieties of flowers and dress options in summer? A healthy addition to your wardrobe?

4. The Venue

Among many decisions to make, one of them is the venue. It could even be a destination wedding, which is ideal for brides & grooms. Far from home, in the midst of warm air with great sights, it will result amazing. The guests will also be able to enjoy it since it’s the most famous time to have vacations. That said, it does not have to be a destination wedding. The best part is there are lots of options to choose from. Daytime weddings in city areas are less expensive.

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5. The Food

It’s time. It’s time to talk about the most favorite thing of most people. Be it the dessert, appetizer, or the main course; the options seem unending. This also benefits the local businesses. Food decisions can never be underestimated since it’s the main criteria to judge a wedding. In summer, farms produce a large number of spices, fruits, and healthy animals. Even king of all the fruits, mango is welcomed in summer. Furthermore, a daytime summer wedding with brunches doesn’t cost much. Just imagine it, and you’ll know that why its so mouth-watering and great to have summer wedding.

So if you do have a summer wedding, don’t forget to invite us!

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