6 Tips To Protect Your Car During The Rainy Season
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The monsoon season is a tough time for individuals who live in developing countries that face many issues from time to time.

This year, Karachiites faced the wrath of nature as heavy rainfall flooded the streets of the city. Water not only overflowed on the roads but made its way into households as well.

That’s not all, automotive owners who had their cars parked in the open or on the roads have also suffered from massive damage. The expected cost for repairs is likely to be at Rs. 80,000 for some owners!

Unfortunately, not everyone has that kind of money lying around. This is why today we will give you some constructive tips on how you can rain-proof your ride! These tips and techniques are light on the pockets and are a quick-fix to your troubles.

5 Clever Ways To Rain Proof Your Car!

1. Rainproof Film

rainproof film
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Are you tired of having wet side mirrors? Side mirrors are essential when it comes to driving your car. However, wet ones are very tricky to operate with. The most simple hack you can go with is rainproof films!

Simply purchase the film, apply it on your side mirrors, and voila! You can now drive in the rain without having to worry about your vision.

2. Park Indoors Or Under Shelter

car garage

Parking indoors is a bonus for you, its understandable for some this is not an option though. If you have a garage or a place where you can park indoors, utilize it. This prevents your car from being exposed to rainwater, bird droppings, and other natural and accidental causes. If you don’t have the option, try to park under shade or use covers.

3. Check Rubber Seals 

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The rubber seals that run along with your car’s doors and other parts of the body act like guards. These seals keep out water, dust, debris, and other harmful things from getting inside. However, slamming doors shut and not properly taking care of the car can result in worn-out rubber.

This can lead to rainwater leaking inside the car, eventually causing the car to smell and suffer from other damages which can require a lot of money. Be sure to check on your car before you decide that it’s probably fine. It’s always a great idea to get everything checked beforehand when the weather department announced the chances of rain.

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4. Use Rain Repellent

Rain Repellent
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Yes, there is such a thing as a rain repellent for cars! The liquid creates a slippery surface so that the rain droplets drop downwards instead of staying on the windshield and windows of the car. This helps the driver’s visibility and gives them a safe ride back home. Be sure to read the instructions before you start to apply it on your own.

5. Body Covers

Water Proof Car Cover
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One of the most commonly known facts about cars is that they rust if not taken care of. Water, when left on a metal surface causes rusting. And when a car rusts, it has no to little value, and causes extensive issues and not to forget costs a lot of money to fix. Hence, covering the body of the car will prevent maximum exposure of water to the surface, protecting it from rust.

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