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Given the current monsoon season, Pakistan (particularly Sindh) has been facing the past week; the rainwater has made everyday life difficult.

Not only has it overflowed on the streets, making it hard to navigate the direction, but it has also caused the roads to have sinkholes.

That’s still not all! A lot of the trash from the streets has contributed to the awful smell, and the overflowing gutters are making car owner’s lives hell as the water comes inside the car and its parts.

Not only are the cars stinking, but they are now going to cost you a reasonable sum of money to maintain. Hence, to prevent further damages to your vehicle and your pocket, here are the dos and don’ts of what to do in heavy rain.

driving in rain
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1. Slow Down 

The more you try to rush home, the more you will find yourself in a panicking situation, and that will only make things worse. It would be best if you had the hit the brakes right there and understand that there are days where nature has the upper hand.

Drive slowly and navigate your way, keep an eye out on the route the driver in front of you is taking so that you can safely find your way home and avoid sinkholes you are unable to spot.

2. Give Yourself Space

Be sure you have a safe distance between you and the car in front of you. Rainwater can change the direction of where you want to go if the water flow is heavy. Being too close to a vehicle can cause you to crash into the other person or hit nearby surroundings.

3. Avoid Standing Water

Standing water is super risky as it increases the odds of hydroplaning, which means the water can find its way into your engine, and BAM – cost you loads of moolah! In case if you have no other way and you have found yourself in this situation, let off the accelerator and gently steer towards where you want to head. Do not slam the brakes or jerk the steering wheel at this point.

driving in heavy rain
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4. Avoid Driving & Going Outside

Overall, if you can, you should stay indoors. The traffic jams plus water conditions can get super bad at times. But, if you are already somewhere outside, try to find a friend’s or relative’s house where you can go and wait for the rain to end or traffic to clear.  You can always hire a rickshaw or take other means of transportation from there if you can’t drive.

5. Don’t Force Your Car

At any point, you feel like the car can’t go any further or that the road is unsafe and may have sinkholes, STOP. You need to pull to the side and wait it out, it may waste a couple of hours, but it will save you thousands!

6. Don’t Turn Hazards On

Visibility is already drastically reduced when the weather turns gloomy outside. When people flash their hazard lights, the driver, on the other end, gets blinded by the flashing, and that can lead to a very extreme and fatal scenario. Hazard lights are used to help other approaching cars know that your vehicle is in a stationary position!

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