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When it comes to driving cars, it is a task that has to be learned first. Of course, there can be naturals in any area of operation, but driving requires quite a lot of focus. It is often said that the difficulty of driving can also depend on what kind of car is being driven. There are a few cars that do not require a steep learning curve, whereas some require weeks of practice. That said, we are here to tell you about some of the cars that are good starting points for many people.

These vehicles not only bring a sense of ease to the person but they also bring comfort to the people. Some vehicles have harder pedals which make them a nuisance to drive whereas some of them have softer ones. That said, let us see which ones you can learn and practice the fastest from.

1. Suzuki Mehran 

What we refer to as the ‘Boss’ of cars here, the Mehran is certainly a vehicle that is good for beginners. It offers a manual transmission and a small engine, which is perfect for learning. Not only is the vehicle low maintenance, but it also gives a sense of comfort to many users. You can go anywhere from within the city all the way to Pakistan tours in a Mehran.

mehran and other cars to learn easy
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2. Daihatsu Cars – Mira, Move

Daihatsu has released quite a few cars that are easy to learn and great for beginners. The Mira and Move both feature 660cc engines, with produce power on low fuel consumption. Additionally, these cars are easy to turn, navigate and stop when it comes to the traffic in Karachi. They are certainly worth looking at when trying to purchase a car as a beginner.

move and other cars easy to drive
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3. Suzuki Cultus

Not only is this car easy to drive, it is also stylish. To have this car as your first one also means that you have good taste in vehicles. It has a comfortable drive, with a responsive steering wheel and good braking. It also features a wide range of features so not only is the car easy to learn, it is also fun to drive.

cultus and other vehicles easy to learn
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4. Toyota Cars – Passo, Vitz

Of course, we cannot talk about beginner vehicles and leave out the hatchbacks made by Toyota. While both of them are of the import quality and category, they certainly make the driver feel safe and comfortable. Safety is of high importance, and these cars provide it, alongside ease of drive. Their automatic transmission lets the driver focus more on the road and less on changing gears.

vitz with other beginner vehicles
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5. Suzuki Bolan

If you want to truly learn how the turning angle of a car works, then the Bolan is a good choice. Not only does it have a unique steering, it also features longer stop and go times, with you pressing harder to brake or accelerate. It is said that if you manage to learn and master the Bolan, you can drive any car at any time in the world.

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Driving any of these cars is sure to provide you with an excellent and easy experience and put you on the fast track for being a good driver.

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