5 business hacks
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Running a business is hard. It takes a toll on you. But what if someone told you about the back alley doorway that would ensure your success? So wait no more! Here are the five business hacks no one ever told you about.

Make people feel important – value relationships.

Connect and interact with every person you know no matter whether they are sales assistants or whether they are hotshot executives. Not letting them feel alone will help when the Time you need their help comes. In business, you have to treat everyone equally, whether they are your partners or just employees. If you can make the people who work under you feel good and empowered, they will put in the effort you need from them to be productive.

You don’t have to give handwritten notes, but whatever you do, make it personalized.

Strategically Lazy Gives you Time

Being lazy is not good. This is what we have grown up with. However, this is where the tides turn. The unproductive lazy is not good. But being strategically lazy produces Time. Strategically lazy means piggyback on ideas and trends. This will lessen the burden o you. It will also tell you what works with your consumers. Thus, you will be able to focus 80% of the Time following the market trends; the remaining 20% will be yours, so you will have the freedom to innovate. Hence, technically these hacks are two wrapped in one.

User-generated content

For a startup, you need a steady supply of content. Therefore, you will have to hire content creators. But opening your business to customers will have two significant benefits. One, alongside your content, user-generated content, will increase your database. And two, they will become a substantial part of the customer base. Therefore, involve your customers in discussion and publish their point of view.

Automate as much as you can

You do not have to automate EVERYTHING. However, look for automatizing as much as you can and save Time. There is no point in putting effort where it is not required. It won’t be hard work, rather stupidity, if you repeat something every day if an algorithm can take care of it for you. On top of that, you can save money as well.
For instance, instead of you employing a transcriber, you use transcribing software. With the software, you can transcribe a 10-minute phone call in 2 minutes, which the transcriber would take 15 minutes. Fifteen minutes in a day do not seem much, but over a year, they accumulate to 3900 minutes (65 hours). Paying for 65 hours and a small subscription fee of any transcribing software is a no-brainer.

Prefer long-term benefits to short-term success

There is no competing instant gratification. Even psychology researches say that most of us are bound to go for instant gratification, instant results. However, if you were to exercise restraint, it would help your business in the long run. To run a successful business, you need to have a long, comprehensive strategy. That said, do not entirely compromise short term success. Short term success will help you gain the capital you need to run the long con, metaphorically speaking. So have a balanced sense of the long term and short term successes.

5 business hacks
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These five business hacks are not all that you need. To run a business, you need to be vigilant and bring your unique viewpoint to the table. But these 5 are a good starting point.

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