black mirror and dark episodes
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Black Mirror is a TV show that showcases the pros and cons of modern technology. It shows us how the bounds of technology can be stretched and how they can be blurred. While there are upsides to any form of technological advancement, there are downsides too. Black Mirror shows its viewers how something can turn out to be the best or the worst thing for humanity.

Let us check out 5 of the best episodes of Black Mirror. These episodes show us exactly how dire the consequences of a particular advancement can be. From social scoring applications to gaming simulations, the TV show has it all!

black mirror and its episodes
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1. Shut up and Dance (Black Mirror S03E03)

This episode talks about the deep, dark end of the social media. A lot of our private details are added by us on these sites and we do not know how much of it is compromised. In the episode, a teenage boy is blackmailed into committing criminal acts so that hackers do not leak his data.

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2. Nosedive (S03E01)

This episode focuses on the social scoring aspect of society. People have eye implants that give each other merit points based on their interactions with these people. The higher your score is, the more luxuries you can afford. A woman, at 4.2 stars eventually starts to drop due to chain events. This causes her to lose a lot of the privileges of life she is living by. We will not reveal more!

Social scoring and netflix
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3. Playtest (Black Mirror S03E03)

In this episode, a person is led into a mansion where he starts to play an AR-based game. In this, the AI learns from his fears and stalks him through the mansion. The more the computer learns, the sinister it becomes. It is an episode worth watching!

Episodes from the show
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4. White Bear (S02E02)

This Black Mirror episode focuses on the post-apocalyptic scenario more. Some people have been affected by a transmitting signal. The signal is causing them to act extremely enraged and other people must stay hidden from them. It is a game of cat and mouse that ends in a way you cannot expect!

white bear and other black mirror episodes
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5. Hated in the Nation (S03E06)

This particular episode emphasizes just how important honeybees are to the ecosystem. It shows a world where they are nearly extinct and humans have created bees in the form of drones to do the work of honeybees. However, due to an exploit in the system, these drones are hacked and start to cause havoc everywhere. Check this episode out!

hated in the nation and bees
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If you have a Netflix subscription or can borrow one from a friend, we recommend watching all of these. They might send a chill down the spine but they are worth the watch.

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