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Over the years, we have seen some fantastic beasts roll out of production. Some of them have impressed us so that they have gone down in history.

On the other hand, there have also been a handful of automobile commercials that are regarded as some of the best work and concepts in advertising.

They grip you, keep you hooked until the very end, have a relatable story, and, most importantly, give their messages very subtly.

If you are a metal-fanatic and also admire great advertisement, we have compiled a list of the five best commercials ever!

1. The Cog – Honda

The advert is personally one of our personal favorites. The 2-minute long video shows the entire process of how the Honda Accord is made! Each body part plays out a domino effect that connects all the pieces of the puzzle altogether and reveals the final product.

2. “Chicken” Magic Body Control – Mercedes-Benz 

Now, this is called advertising! It’s out of the box, cocky, funky, funny; it has all the elements that make a great car commercial. What’s interesting is that the message that Mercedes-Benz wishes to show is very straightforward, easy to pick, and it hasn’t been exaggerated.

What we love about this commercial, in particular, is how the brand decided to use a chicken and relate it to motion stability- absolutely brilliant!

3. Discovery 4 – Land Rover

Be it blizzards, dusty trails, heavy rain, rigged terrains, hills, mountains, or anything you can think of, the adventure must go on! This is what we receive as the message from Land Rover’s Discovery 4 commercial. The concept is simple; it’s appealing; it’s beautiful; it makes you want to go outside and explore!

One of Land Rover’s latest and exciting works is their first-ever indoor commercial called ‘Discover the Great Indoors.’ The brand rolled out the advert during the Coronavirus pandemic, and it is definitely worth watching!

Discover ‘The Great Indoors’ With Land Rover’s Latest Ad!

4. Citroen Dancing Robot

The Citroen dancing robot ad feeds our wish of owning a car that can transform into a robot, similar to Transformers. When they said that the car was alive with technology, they weren’t kidding! The commercial is easy to catch on to; the robot has smooth moves, it’s short, on point, and has you shake a leg along with it.

5. Nissan Toy Commercial

If you have watched this ad and are a Toy Story fan, then you are in for nostalgia! The commercial kicks off in a very familiar setting, a child’s room filled with their favorite toys. The main character, which resembles a lot to Woody, is seen rushing towards a Nissan, hops in, crosses over to the other room, and impresses Barbie with his new ride!


We promised you five awesome commercials, but there are so many that we wanted to share another one that has made our list!

S5 Soapbox Commercial – Audi

There is a common misconception in society that racing and driving are meant for boys. In a modern and progressive world, brands like Audi have broken the stereotyping with soul-touching ads!

One of the ads we feel has touched us is from the 2017 Superbowl in which a father watches his daughter take on the neighborhood boys in a derby competition!

Which auto commercial is your favorite?

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