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Ads, if made the right way, deliver the brand’s message in such an entertaining way that a person automatically becomes their audience. All the audience wants is to see that click, that spark in the ad that can convert them ultimately. And in a time when everyone was restricted to their houses and in need of some entertainment, they turned to their TV sets and internet connections. This was the time the brands could cash on and effectively turn the consumers.

1. Kashmir Oil

This ad is for a brand that has existed since 1962, so it will not be surprising to find out that the ad’s positioning is around nostalgia and traditions. So as opposed to the usual cooking oils ads, this one employs a concept of Bara Ghar in its TVC. And signing Manzar Sehbai completes the finishing touch to the idea of nostalgia.

2. Toyotathon

Instead of having a functional positioning, which car brands usually have for their ads, Toyota embraces the holiday spirit by producing an animated TVC which warms the heart through and through. A story of a child who misses his father not because he is physically far away, but because he is too involved in his work that the child feels ignored. Have a look. You will definitely enjoy it.

3. Ahmed Foods

It brought a smile to my face as I watched the cute story of a husband and wife. And it showed me how a generation older might be viewing that love. But it explored a very important issue as well and that was including people with disabilities in the narrative because often they get excluded and are hidden away.

4. Nike

In their new advertisement campaign, ‘#YouCantStopUs’, the brand weaves a narrative for athletes overcoming the obstacles they faced. They made epic use of their signature split-screen montage. In this narrative named ‘Victory Swim,’ the story is about Middle-Eastern women leaving the shores to swim into freedom. The ad is crafted by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, where they pay tribute to numerous water sports ranging from surfing to swimming, from scuba diving to rowing, etc. The ad features footwear, apparel, and accessories, among other things.

5. BMW

This ad proves that functional positioning does not have to be dry. BMW showed through their ad that their vehicle is suitable even for pets that most people have to leave behind when they travel. And for someone who has a pet, this ad will click on you because don’t you always worry if your dear pet is being mistreated or not?

Have a look at these ads, and you are bound to love them because one thing is for sure; not all content creators are a lost cause.

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