student app study smart
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It’s officially midterm season, and that means bucket loads of stress, anxiety, and disorganization. We’re here to ease that myriad of problems with this list of amazing apps that can help you study smartly!

1. Google Translate

If you’re a language student, Google Translate can be the best weapon to have in your arsenal. It takes whatever piece of text you provide and effectively translates it into the language of your choice.

student app study smart
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In many courses, there are always texts from different languages that are especially harder to get by. Google Translate will ensure you are at the top of your game.

2. My Study Life

My Study Life is another app that helps students organize notes, and schedule/organize—class timetables. The best part is that you can sync this to your mobile to get notifications all the time. Notifications can also help you keep ahead of deadlines because we’re humans; after all, there are only so many deadlines we can remember.

student app study smart
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3. Exam Countdown

This app helps you organize exam dates and timetables to keep you motivated and geared up for the exam season. It helps you know everything in a systematic order so you can stay on track and have a countdown to help you organise.

student app study smart
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You can also color-code exams, add symbols for subjects, and share them on social media! You can always flex how you have your stuff together- many don’t.

4. Quizlet Exam App

This is a top-rated app with teachers and students. It allows you to create your own study tools with a wide range of subjects and material available to Quizlet users. This can also enable you to find supplementing material for your course.

student app study smart
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Moreover, Quizlet allows you to learn in various ways, be it through audio or visual means. It realizes that not everyone learns the same way— you get to choose your style.

5. Pocket

Students are bombarded with the study material in the day and age of social media, especially online learning. There are extra credit articles, research articles, and participating material you need to get through. But what about those who can’t read this extensively or keep track?

student app study smart
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Pocket helps you counter that problem. It can allow you to save articles, topics, and videos vibrantly and easily so you can read them on any device. You can get through articles in no time with its powerful search and tagging tools!

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