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Content differs according to the platform it airs on. If the content is made for TV, it has the masses as its audience. But unlike this assumption, people who do not have TV, have smartphones and a connection to the internet. Hence, the digital platform, as well, has access to the masses. But with digital, what is different is that everyone consumes it separately; there is an element of privacy. Therefore, you will definitely come across short films with controversial plots that you will not see on TV.

Following are 4 short films that have controversial concepts in them.

1. Dancing Doll

Dancing Doll features Anoushay Abbasi in the role of a call girl. The story is heart-wrenching, but you will never see such explicit symbols of being a call girl on TV. The film even shows cars arriving towards the areas call girls who then negotiate their rate.

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2. Daughter By Law

Daughter By Law shows the concept where an adult son has to come to terms with his mom being in a romantic relationship and going out on dates. He realizes that his mom has a life of her own and she can get married at this age if it makes her happy. This concept will be rarely shown on TV where you still see dramas showing how children, breaking away from the joint family system, are evil.

3. Client

Client shows Azekah Daniel in the role of a prostitute. The visuals only show a young boy ending up in a brothel within the prostitute’s room. This idea makes the film already controversial but they also delve further as Azekah delves into an emotional monologue of what happens to the agency of the woman when she ends up in this place.

4. 2 Sey 5

2 Sey 5 is full of numerous law-breaking acts and supernatural elements. It is a story of a man who figures out his wrong ways and vows to be better; all of it in a span of three hours.

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This is not to say that PEMRA should create problems for the digital platform because the stories are definitely eye-openers. Plus, they are not hurting the culture if people are not watching them in groups, isn’t it? But they are definitely controversial plots that you will not see on TV.

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