ways to dodge toxic relationships
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Humans have a tendency to engage themselves in various social interactions. Be it a friend, a teacher, a lover, every relationship is built on solid works. There are pillars of any relationship that determine how sturdy it really is. If the foundation is built on flimsy material, it will topple, without a doubt.

Of course, not every metaphor can be construction related. The relationship can become toxic too. It will not seem like it at first, but there are always signs, red flags. These are signs that are warning you to cut yourself loose. So why don’t we look at some ways we can easily dodge a toxic relationship.

Dodge Relationships Toxic
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1. Your values are important

Let the writer of this article just get this out of the way first: When referring to relationships here, it is not just between a couple. It can be between friends too. These signs can light up anywhere. Your principles are your own and you live according to them. So why should they be allowed to compromise? If you find yourself in a relationship where your opinions and your values are not being recognized, it is a good time to cut loose. If this person you’re dealing with, disregards your outlook on life, it points to a dark corner. You have just a much invested in the relationship, and it must be acknowledged. It is a two-way street. If one side is blocked, the drivers will always be in pain on that side, in bother.

If this friend or lover of yours, takes your insecurities and makes fun of them, it is not right. You took a huge step to expose your vulnerbilities to them. Them exploiting it and passing it off as ‘Learn to take a joke’ is no laughing matter. It is plain and simple humiliation for everything you stand for. Cut loose!

2. The Truth is what prevails

It does not do to lie in a relationship. If two people are not honest with each other, it only continues to manifest further, driving the relationship further in the ground. Once the lying and manipulation becomes habitual, it can grow into resentment for each other. Yet, people often find ways to look past the lying. This is not something that can be overlooked. It slowly disintegrates the connection between two people. Its bad if one of the people engages in such activity but its worse if both of them are doing the same.

If they lie to you regularly, call them out on it. End the toxic relationship before it spins out of control. The truth can initially hit harder but, on the long run, it brings two people closer. Refraining from the truth is the equivalent of driving a wedge between a piece of wood, but not splitting it all the way through.

3. Vibes and Gut Feelings are Real

There are times when you may find yourself having these gut feeling that something may be wrong. Maybe you feel uncomfortable in their presence. Maybe they trigger a sense of fear in you. How do you feel when they leave? Do you not feel safe around them? This is a high flying red flag when it comes to toxic relationships. If the other person gives off a vibe that is just not sitting well with you, check why that is. Maybe they harbour feelings that are dishonest. A person who appears friendlier to you but treats others unjustly, is not a just person.

The writer of this article encourages its readers to follow their gut feelings. They can turn out to be more true than expected. It is okay to hope that you don’t ever have to experience the ways of a toxic relationship. It takes an extremely high toll on mental health.

Dodge relationships ways
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