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We have danced on their steps, cried on their deaths, smiled on their success and crooned at their ‘Happily-ever-after’ moments. Whether we admit it or not, Bollywood and its glamorous celebrities are as important to us as our friends and neighbours (even more so). The defensive ninja inside us suddenly erupts with an unmatched temper when somebody dares to criticize the leading man/lady of our dreams.

Let’s be honest, we all have spent hours daydreaming about these larger than life people.

No matter how much we want them to be perfect, they’re humans after all. They all have been young, at times wrong and even embarrassingly stupid at some point of their professional or personal lives. Here is a collection of some of the rare and unseen images of these stars:

Let’s have a look:

1. Baby Anushka on Her birthday is NOT so Baby-eyed Anymore

anushka young

2. Jacky Shroff & Tiger Shroff – a Perfect Example of ‘ Son Who is Not at all Like Father’

jackie shroff young

3. Sridevi and Amithab Bachchan… and TIME FLIES


4. The Second Two Most Famous Khans of Bollywood

amir salman young

 6. Can You Guess Who this Cute Little Singer is?

deepika cute young

7. The Deol Family

deol family young

8. Young Achiever- Madhuri Dixit

madhuri young

9. Tanuja, Kajol and Tanisha – The Mukherjee Ladies

kajol Taneesha young

10. The Bachchan Clan

bachchan young


11. Fifty Bucks for Guessing the Name of This Legendary Actor!

anupam kher young

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12. To Quote the Controversial Rakhi Sawant ‘Jo God Nahi Deta, Vo Doctor De Deta Hai’

shilpa young

13. The Kapoor Ladies – Yes, They Have Come a Long Way (Especially in the Hair Department)

kapoor girls young

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14. The Adorable Alia Bhatt With Her Not-so-Adorable Father

mahesh bhatt young

15. Daddy’s Favorite – Sonakshi Sinha

sonakshi young

16. Pakistani Rockstar – Ali Zafar

ali zafar young

17. From a Time When He Was Actually Cute

honey singh young

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