Siblings are our arch-enemies since birth yet our best friends in the whole world! Whether you have older ones, middle or younger, siblings are your strongest allies by default.

Sure, sometimes they get on your nerves, but no one knows you better than your brother or sister.  In the end, it all works out, because they make you the awesome person you are today.

You must have seen Wall’s latest TVC, depicting the sweet and sour relationship between a little brother and his sister. It made us think that no matter how much we love to hate them, they will remain our lifelines until death!

We can all relate to pros and cons of having these super annoying yet fun people in our lives. Here are 15 things that anyone with siblings will relate to.

The rivalry kick starts since you were little

And you both know it’s never going to end!

They bug you into buying them treats!

And make you do the most minute tasks which they could do themselves!

They always tell you that you are adopted!

It is a nightmare having them in the same school

Of course, you get tortured for not being the smarter sibling

Brothers have to drive their sisters around like everywhere!

And they always steal your chocolate in return!

 The Never Ending Wars on Chargers & Remote Are an Everyday Ritual

And then you blame each other for all the fights!


But they are the only ones allowed to tease you!

When things get hard, you know they have got your back

They are eager to get you married ASAP!

But when the time comes, they just don’t want you to go!

Surely,this ad by Wall’s perfectly depicts the sweet and sour relationship between siblings!

Share your bitter-sweet memories with your siblings in the comments below.