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Originated in China, Singles Day is a day when people celebrate being singe or ‘Self-Partnered’, as Emma Watson would say, on November 11th.

The date, 11th November (11.11), was chosen because the number “1” resembles an individual who is alone. In 2009, it was then adopted by e-commerce giant Alibaba by offering huge discounts this day.

11.11 is more than 18 times the size of Amazon Prime Day and 2.5 times bigger than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. Last year more than $1 billion worth of productions were sold in the first three minutes of the 11:11 sales.

This annual event starts on 11 November midnight and runs for 24 hours featuring discounts from top online retailers.

Make sure you mark the date in your calendars and prepare to shop till you drop! And oh, you’re going to lose a lot of energy from all that shopping, so we compiled a nice list of the best 11:11 food deals you can benefit from!

1- Burger Lab


2- China Grill

3- GreenO


4- Mocca



6- Pita


7- Tao


8- Vintage

Note: All of these offers can be availed on FoodPanda.


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