Hamza Ali Abbasi

Hamza Ali Abbasi  – the rugged Kashmiri hunk is known for speaking his mind far too often. However, we can’t deny the fact that in the times we live in, his honest thoughts come as a refreshing change – one that highlights the fact that even our celebrities hold strong opinions and are not scared to voice them.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Abbasi initiated the trend where celebrities move past their stardom and  contribute to society by focusing their star power towards something more substantial than just an award.

The policemen turned actor has been doing a good job raising his voice about things even though his statuses usually land him in a lot of trouble. Here we list the 10 times when Abbasi overtook social media proving that he doesn’t just look good but has the brains and the guts to speak his mind too!

1. When He Told Bollywood to Stop Making ‘Anti-Pakistan’ Movies


The actor gathered mass support when he decided to give Bollywood a wake-up call in an interview to an Indian website. After the much-heated Phantom movie controversy with Bollywood actor, Saif Ali Khan, Abbasi clearly dished out the fact that Bollywood needs to stop making anti-Pakistani movies.

His cut direct comments, later on, made Saif backtrack his statements too.

Another time, he rightly criticized the Pakistani film industry when he stated that our industry shouldn’t borrow trends from India but rather stand its own ground.

Read his status when he appreciated Zhalay for Jalaibee here:

item number Hamza Abbasi

Later on, he uploaded a status saying how his words have always been twisted to form a meaning he never intended on conveying in the first place.

fb status hamza

2. When He Openly Supported Religious Minorities in Pakistan 


He believes in looking at the bigger picture and we are proud of him for that.

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3. His Resignation from PTI & The Battle of Morals

hamza 2

After the trailer of Jawani Phir Nahi Aani  was released, he immediately announced his resignation from the political party ‘PTI’ because he believed he was no longer eligible for that. For better or worse, his action caused him a lot of backlash but the tough guy didn’t back out of his commitment to PTI.

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4. His Death as ‘Pyare Afzal’ 



The drama which is loved by people from across the border ended on a tragic note where Afzal was killed in an accident. This was not how the scriptwriter planned the ending, however, Hamza convinced the director to do otherwise.

He felt that this would keep him alive in the minds of the viewers for a long time to come. We saw how well that worked out!

5. His Bold Take on Gay Marriage Legalization:

hamza 50

After the legalization of gay marriages in the USA, Hamza seemed to have taken the topic a little too seriously by uploading a series of Facebook statuses and an update on Twitter. Here’s what Abbasi had to say about LGBT rights and people supporting it.

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That best part is not yet here. After the tweet, a virtual war between Hamza Ali Abbasi and Imaan Mazaari began and it was really entertaining. Do you want to know more about it? Click here.

6. When He thrashed Adnan Sami for Indian Citizenship

Even we can’t deny the fact that it hurts a little when people forget their homeland.

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7. His Undying Love for His Idol – Imran Khan

We are all aware of the immense love and respect that our Kaptaan receives from Pyare Afzal and have at least a dozen instances to prove that.

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8. When He Beautifully Proved Music Is Not Haram

A long time ago when Hamza was still unsure about articulating his words to prevent being misunderstood, he decided to comment on the controversial issue of music and art being halal in Islam. Here is how he beautifully defended his stance on Facebook.

fb status hamza 4

fb status hamza 5

9. His Open Message to Mark Zuckerberg

hamza 6

Someone who believes in freedom of speech, Abbasi clearly wouldn’t have stayed quiet when Facebook decided to deny him of his right to post his thoughts:

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Want to know what his status was? Here it is:

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10. His Oh-so-Cheeky Challenge to Fawad Khan in Lipton’s Latest TVC

Hamza is a force to reckon with; he recently appeared in Lipton’s latest TVC where he cheekily challenged his friendly rival, Fawad Khan by taking a jibe at his over-the-top Tapal’s endorsement.

Do we sense a beginning of an Ad war here? I do and I am rooting for Lipton already!


With a refreshingly new take on celebrity endorsement, Lipton’s TVC is definitely worth a watch!


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So, do you think Hamza is the social media king or will someone else replace him? Share your thoughts in the comments below.