We’ve all been through the not-so-memorable first day at work. Sometimes the first day appears to have been stretched so far beyond the designated office hours that we forget when it’s time to leave. It doesn’t matter if it’s the first ever job you landed or hopped onto it from your previous one; some of these situations must sound all too familiar.

Generally, these are the top ten instances with which most of us can relate to – or maybe not. Let’s have a look!

1. Taking your sweet time choosing the perfect ensemble for the first day – you gotta dress to impress!!


2. Arriving early with your perfect ‘Ready.Set.Go’ attitude to see that there is no one at the office to welcome you


3. Orientation takes about half of the day

Nothing but the organization’s claims of self-appreciation and how it’s going to be a blast working there


4. You try and steer clear of any politically incorrect opinion or feedback: Welcome to the Game of Desks!

giphy (1)

5. Everyone is trying to contain their excitement to not overwhelm the newbie but oh – well, it shows…


6. You are called up to give a painfully awkward introduction of yourself

All eyes on you – leaving you feeling judged to your core


7. Trying to look busy when actually you haven’t been given any significant task yet!

Oh your supervisor is just dying to get a peek into your computer screen


8. Fighting the urge to check what’s new on Facebook and finding out you’ve been bombarded with friend requests from your colleagues

giphy (2)

9.Waiting for the lunch hour to commence so you can begin to relax a bit after the tough first half and enjoy your lunch in peace


10. By the end of your first day, you congratulate yourself on surviving all that madness…while dreading the days that are yet to come


How did you get through your first day at work? Let us know in the comments below:

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