Sugar, spice and everything nice- that’s what our bubble beauty, Mawra Hocane is made of! But did you know our Hocane haseena is an ultimate chatterbox? In her live session on video, the actress was bursting with tales and updates to tell her fans! She could easily bag the title of “The Most Talkative Celebrity in Pakistan”

We bet there is so much that her fans don’t know about the ‘Keech Meri Photo’ diva! Here is some super secretive stuff we compiled from her chat that all fans of the Sammi starlet must know about!

Mawra revealed that the best part about working in Bollywood were the tons of friends she made in India!

She loves Ali Zafar and is dying to work with the hero

Moments like these make you want to give back so much more.

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When it comes to her favorite actresses, Mawra adores Mahira Khan.

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Many might not know but Hocane has worked with Hamza Ali Abbasi at the age of 13 in a stage show

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If she were to be a Disney princess, the darling thinks she would we Rapunzel due to her shiny, pretty hair.

Love.. just.. LOVE ❣️

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Hocane dreams to make it to Vouge’s cover and even win an Oscar one day!

Her favorite book is 40 Rules of Love and wants everyone to read the story.

The workaholic believes that Home is where work is!

Mawra solved the mystery of using the letter “C’ in Hocane & divulged that she did it back in 7 grade to make it look unique!

She has a mega surprise planned up for Miss Veet Pakistan Grand Finale! We are guessing it will be a dance performance.

Mawra is all set to grace our TV screens with Hum TV’s ‘Sammi’. Can’t wait to see her rock all over again!