Szabist is not for everyone, only those who have a lot of patience and guts can tolerate being a SZABISTIAN.

Here are 10 things, we bet every Szabist student can relate to.

  1. 154 ki chai.

First things first, 154 is a campus, and NOT just a number. And due to its famous chai, it has become a “baithak” spot for all Szabistians where they can have those “deep” conversations.

2. Flooded campus

Students keep flooding in like bees. It’s literally a fish market here, with so many students getting newly admitted to this wonderful university. And the already present ones not graduating, it’s literally a traffic jam at SZABIST.

Tecno Camon 15

3. Marathon from one campus to another

When one class is at 90 and another at 154, students had to run a marathon to reach there on time or get marked absent. With only 3 absences allowed during a semester, it gets super difficult to cope with.

4. Parking Problem

Even though now Szabist has its own Parking area, students still cannot find a place to park their cars and get late for their classes.

5. Cafe Cats

Yes! Szabist cafeterias are famous for their “Pet Cats”. They are super creepy and are always around. From Jumping on tables to chasing you around campus, they do it all.

6. 90 Campus- Bhoot Bangla

Szabist has its very own bhoot bangla, its called as 90 campus, where you get that eerie feeling during 6-9 classes.

7. Dorothy Ma’am

The lovely Dorothy ma’am is there to talk to about everything, from all your family issues to the pains of class canceling, she’s our very own shrink on the brink.

8. Dera/ Chai Wala- the Ultimate spot to hide

When you couldn’t find someone around all 3 campuses, try searching for them at Dera or Chai Wala, they’ll definitely be hiding there.

9. Program Coordinators are always busy

It’s IMPOSSIBLE to find the program coordinators free when we need them . They are always busy in their work, in hiding. When asked from the reception, they are always around, however, no one knows where exactly they are.

10. 3-6 hour gaps between classes.

It’s hell for Students when they have a 3-6 hour gap between classes. With traffic issues around campus, one doesn’t get enough space to even sit and take a breath. But well, thanks to Dera and Chai wala, this problem has been somewhat solved.

Tag all your Szabist friends who can relate to all the madness, yet love this institute!