Even if you are a frequent flyer, it’s very hard to know everything regarding the air travel industry. The public doesn’t know some of the things that go on behind the scenes in the airline world. Because if they did, they might approach airline travel a little differently.

Here are a few secrets you probably never knew about airlines:

1. That Emergency Mask Fiasco

The drop-down emergency oxygen masks on the plane are usually only equipped to pump out oxygen for about 12 to 15 minutes. But you don’t  need to freak out. It normally takes a pilot far less time to drop the plane to a safe altitude before the masks run dry of oxygen.

Image source: india.com

2. Pilots Fall Asleep 

As bizarre as it sounds, your pilot tends to sleep midway on long-haul flights. That usually happens once the autopilot mode kicks in.

3. Pilots can’t eat together

Some airlines don’t allow two pilots flying together to eat food from the same source within an hour of flying together. Either they have to eat at different restaurants, or one waits at least an hour to make sure the other doesn’t get sick.

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4. Time Of Death Doesn’t Exist On Plane 

Although flight crews are trained in basic first aid and some are even qualified to perform resuscitation, most flights do not have any staff members on board who are qualified to declare the time of death.

5. Complete Engine Failure 

In emergency instances, the pilot never announces if both engines have failed to work. To prevent chaos and turn an already exhausting situation into awry the pilot will always mention that one engine has stopped working.

Image source: tripsavy

6. Lavatory Unlocking 

You might be surprised to know this but lavatories unlock from the outside for safety reasons. You can unlock the lavatory from the outside via an external lock mechanism. The lock is hidden beneath the “no smoking” sign on the door.

7. Dim Lights 

They dim the interior lights at night so that passengers’ eyes are already adjusted to the darkness, just in case something goes wrong during takeoff or landing. So, it’s a safety measure.

8. Flight Water Is Not For Drinking 

According to flight attendants, drinking water on the plane is extremely unhygienic despite hygiene practices being in place. Moreover, most low-cost airlines don’t carry enough bottled water to last the entire flight.

Image source: YouTube

9. Angry Passengers Dilemma

Flight attendants try their best to avoid aggravating the passenger. Sometimes, they might also move you to another seat. Also, in case there are no free seats on the plane, you’re stuck there. In extreme circumstances, the person can be handcuffed, and the plane can land at the nearest airport to kick them off. However, this cost an airline a lot of money, so this only happens under really bad situations.

Image source: tripsavy

10. Lightning Strikes 

Lightning usually seeks out conducting materials such as aluminum making aircrafts the prime targets. A commercial aircraft can be struck 1-2 times per year on average.

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