quick snacks weight loss
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Not all snacks need to be avoided while someone is trying to lose weight. We’ve all been there when eating once a day seemed like the best solution. However, contrary to popular opinion, trying to lose weight does not need a person to restrict their diet or only eat at meals. These are all the snacks you can have and still lose weight!

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1. Hummus and Vegetables

A 2016 study conducted by doctors found that hummus has a number of advantages. Protein and fibre in hummus are both good sources and both can hasten the feeling of fullness. People who eat hummus with veggies are receiving both the nutritional benefits of the hummus and any additional nutrients from the vegetables.

quick snacks weight loss
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2. Nut Butter and Fruits

A healthy snack that fits into a diet is apples and peanut butter. Have peanut butter with any fruit! One medium apple, or one of the required two cups of fruit per day, contains 20% of the dietary fibre that an individual needs.

3. Nuts

Nuts offer healthy fats and protein. You can munch on them all day long. Just don’t have the additional salt ones. A person should also stay away from nuts that have been flavor-cooked because the flavors frequently contain salt or sugar.

quick snacks weight loss
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4. Eggs

An excellent source of protein. Due to worries about cholesterol, however, many people traditionally believed that eggs were unhealthy. However, not only are they filling but also help with weight loss.

5. Greek Yogurt

quick snacks weight loss
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Greek yogurt is low in fat and calories, high in calcium and protein. To enhance the flavor and nutritional content of Greek yogurt, it is safe to add fresh fruit or nuts. Go strawberries!

6. Cottage Cheese and Fruit

One cup of cottage cheese contains 24 grammes of satisfying protein. Cottage cheese and fruit make for a sweet, creamy, and satisfying snack since the cottage cheese’s protein and fat complement the fruit’s fiber.

7. Almonds and Dark Chocolate

Almonds and dark chocolate make a delicious combination. A potent flavor and health pairing is the rich chocolate flavor and the crunchy almonds.

quick snacks weight loss
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8. Mozzarella and Cherry Tomatoes

Tomatoes with mozzarella cheese are a delicious and healthy way to increase your intake of vegetables.

For a snack that is high in protein, fiber, and healthy fats, combine tomatoes with mozzarella, balsamic vinegar, and a dab of extra virgin olive oil. You won’t forget this one!

9. Oatmeal

quick snacks weight loss
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Our grandparents eat it for a reason. It is a wonderfully adaptable snack, oatmeal can be eaten hot or cold, at home or on the go. Simply prepare a portion of oats that is a little bit smaller than you would for a meal.

10. Popcorn

Consider air-popped popcorn instead of the butter and salt-covered variety from the movie theatre. A hearty 3-cup serving of popcorn has fewer than 100 calories and provides satisfying fibre.

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