The rise in Pakistan’s population has seen a rapid increase over the years, the recent census report released suggests that Pakistan has now reached a staggering number of population of 207, 774,521.

However, have you ever wondered what are the top populated cities of Pakistan? According to the new census report, the 10 most populated cities of Pakistan are:

1. Karachi
Population: 14,910,352

The city of lights is known for its cosmopolitan nature. The city’s growing population has made it the top of the list as the most populated in Pakistan.

2. Lahore
Population: 11,126,285

3. Faisalabad
Population: 3,203,846

4. Rawalpindi
Population: 2,098,231

5. Gujranwala
Population: 2,027,001

6. Peshawar
Population: 1,970,042

7. Multan
Population: 1,871,843

8. Hyderabad
Population: 1,732,693

9. Islamabad
Population: 1,014,825

10. Quetta
Population: 1,001,205

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