10 Places To Find The Best Hotpot In Karachi

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Hotpot has taken the food world by storm. The Chinese dish has been received very well by Pakistanis ever since its launch two years ago. Many restaurants are offering the dish with a version of their broth and condiments. If you haven’t tried a hotpot yet, you are missing out on a major trend.

Here are the best hotpot places that offer delicious taste and service in Karachi.

1. Totoro

Totoro’s hotpot was very well-received ever since its opening. The clean aesthetics of the location with consistent taste and good quality premium products have helped build quite a hype for Totoro.

2. Wang Wang 

Wang Wang Karachi is the most famous hot pot spot in Karachi which took social media by storm. They have a rooftop-based eatery but make sure to reserve beforehand to avoid the wait. People who often eat out here love the spicy broth and the plethora of hot pot items that you can choose from their menu. They also began serving hot pot at home following the lockdowns last year. Call and check out for availability for a laidback hotpot night at home.

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3. Hotpot Karachi

Hotpot Karachi offers a blend of both – the perfect ambiance and delicious taste. The quality of the ingredients is top-notch with colossal portions and servings. Brownie points for their customer service is extraordinary, which makes for one of the most accommodating staff.

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4. Golden Dragon Hotpot 

Golden Dragon has received rave reviews for serving the best and good quality ingredients with a perfect ambiance. So, if you are looking for a more convenient option, Golden Dragon is your best bet.

5. Cocochan 

Cocochan essentially offers a hotpot night at their Tipu Sultan outlet, only on Tuesdays. The restaurant mainly serves Thai, sushi, and mandarin food but you can also enjoy a customized serving of hotpot every Tuesday night.

6. Mingzhu

Located in the heart of DHA Mingzhu is known for its soothing vibes and elaborated Chinese menu. However, Mingzhu’s hotpot is among the best-served dish at the restaurant. With a variety of sides and broth options, Mingzhu is all in all a decent hotpot spot.

7. Hotpot Ministry 

Hotpot ministry is opening its door right in the heart of Bahadurabad. Their exquisite interior and eye-catching ambiance garnered the eyes of netizens as soon as the pictures went viral. Rumour has it that it is going to be one of the buzz-worthy places on the other side of the city so make sure to check it out.

8. Hotpot Tonight 

Hotpot Tonight is located in Clifton block 4. The eatery doesn’t only offer scenic views but also fresh ingredients to make the taste worthwhile.

9. Magic Hotpot

If you want to have the best of both worlds Magic hotpot is the perfect pick for you. Located in DHA Phase 8 the rooftop hotpot spot offers delicious taste alongside breathtaking views.

10. Lao Wang Hotpot

Lao Wang is another authentic Chinese hotpot place that has the most traditional Chinese setting you could ever experience in Karachi. Located in Zamzama, the eatery is run by a Muslim Chinese couple who vows to bring the best to the table.

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