10 Games From The 90’s Every Pakistani Will Remember Playing

If you grew up in the ’90s, I could safely assume that you’re rough and tough. Because there is no denying that you grew up in a time where technology had a bare minimum influence on children and socializing with other kids around the block was the only source of entertainment.

Kids from the 90’s era are the real legends. Here are ten legendary games that you must remember if you grew up in the 90s!

1. Baraf Paani

The more refined form of “Pakran Pakrayi”.

Where once caught, you were transformed to baraf (ice) only to be allowed to run again if someone turned you to Paani.

2. Kho Kho

I miss being unceremoniously pushed out from the line by a loud and vicious ‘Kho’.

It did require a bunch of kids to make this particular game exciting. But man, it was fun.

3. Langri Pala

LOVED IT! It was usually played with one child catching the rest with one leg slightly raised. You had to hop while going after your friends.

4. Pithu Karam

Ahh! What fond memories.

One throw to shatter the tower of stones. Where one team was responsible for keeping the tower down, the other was responsible for building it back up.

5. Hopscotch

Loved hopping on numbered sequence for fun! Kids these days hardly know this game.

6. Dots and Boxes!

It turned into agonizing torture the moment someone completed a considerable number of consecutive boxes by connecting the dots and making the lines.

7. Chupan Chupayi

This was always fun to play around the house, especially if you knew of some right hiding spots.

8. Ludo!

A  game that can burn even the most reliable friendship bridges.

9. Monopoly

‘Rent do,’ ‘mujhse khareed lo yaar’, ‘Yeh mere paise hain, bank ke nhi.’

If you can win a game of monopoly, you can win at anything.

10. Pakram Pakrai

A game that involved a lot of running around and catching others.

Do you have any other games you’d like to add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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