Our twenties are meant to be a magical time. One of the biggest things that add spark to our lives are the friends that we have.

Here is a list of 7 type of best friends we all need in our twenties.

1. Friends at Work

I have found some of my best pals at my work place.

My motto: If we can work together we can gossip together.

You get to meet these people for a better part of your day, you spend some of the tense work moments with them and share a lot of things in real time with them. Some would argue that you have got to love them, the reason being: You see each other every single day!

2. Friends You Can’t Relate To

They are married, or are about to, they have a family or are about to have one. In short; they are at a phase of life that you are yet to experience, so you can’t really relate to them anymore. You want to, you really try since they were your best friends once upon a time. You love them still, but you just can’t understand their excitement or disappointment over things anymore.

3. The Friends Who Are Certifiably Crazy

It might seem really crazy to admit, but we all need such friends. These friends add a particular spark in our lives that nobody can. You need them to push you over your self-imposed prison. Without these friends, you might never have the craziest memories that you can look back on, laugh at and enjoy.

4. The Friends Who Love the Same Food as You

Having such friends means you never miss out on food that you love. The moment they hear of a good dish or a smashing discount, they will make it a point to make a plan with you. These are the friends that really put your dieting at risk.

5. The Parents

Yes, nobody can be as sincere as your parents. And what’s more, they need you just as much as you need them. The only people in your life, whose sincerity towards you is undeniable.

6. Your Cousins

After work buddies or school buddies, these are the other crazy lot of people who have a significant part in your life. You have probably known each other since you were in diapers and you are comfortable sharing everything with each other.

7. Your Best Friends Since Forever

We all need these constant pillars of support. These are the people you grow up with. You don’t have a choice but to call them your best friend. They have been there for you without you having to ask them. They have offered you advice, given you a shoulder to lean on and cry on too. You know that your worst secrets are safe with them. Even if you don’t meet them for a decade, when you do meet them, the time spent apart won’t matter.

So, there you have it; the 7 different kinds of best friends that I believe people end up having in their teens and tweens.

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