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If you’re a food lover looking to indulge your culinary curiosity, Netflix offers a wide variety of captivating food documentaries just for you. These films not only explore the art and science of cooking but also provide insight into the cultural, social, and environmental impacts of what we eat.

Here are ten must-watch food documentaries on Netflix that will leave you inspired and hungry for more.

1. Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush is a baking competition where bakers go head-to-head to impress expert judges and a special guest. The goal is to win a big cash prize by creating the most impressive baked goods.

2. Somebody Feed Phil on Netflix

Somebody Feed Phil offers a delightful mix of cultural exploration and humor. Phil Rosenthal’s charm and sense of humor make this show one of the most comforting and entertaining food series on Netflix.

3. Flavorful Origins

Flavorful Origins features short, 11 to 12-minute episodes that delve into specific dishes or ingredients. Each season focuses on a particular Chinese province, offering a hyper-local look at culinary traditions.

4. Snack vs. Chef

Snack vs. Chef pushes the cooking competition genre into new territory with food science and product development challenges. Contestants must replicate snacks like Flaming Hot Cheetos in a short time, showcasing their skills in both cooking and food chemistry.


5. Nadiya’s Time to Eat

Nadiya’s Time to Eat, along with Nadiya Bakes, highlights the warmth and approachability of Nadiya Hussain. From winning The Great British Bake Off in 2015 to becoming a beloved TV host, Nadiya’s journey is inspiring and her cooking shows are full of heart.

6. School of Chocolate on Netflix

School of Chocolate might seem like another dessert-themed competition, but it’s much more. This show highlights the technical wizardry of host Amaury Guichon. Unlike typical competitions, it focuses on Guichon’s incredible skills in chocolate, showcasing techniques few can replicate.

7. Taco Chronicles

Taco Chronicles dives deep into the world of tacos, exploring different styles and what makes them so beloved. Each episode features classic tacos like carnitas and asada, as well as unique styles like beef birria and fish tacos.

8. Street Food

Food takes viewers on an intimate global journey. The first season explores Asia, highlighting influential dishes from Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia through revealing interviews with dedicated street food chefs. The second season shifts to Latin America, featuring Mexico, Peru, Argentina, and Bolivia, showcasing the rich culinary traditions of these regions.

9. Cooked

Each episode focuses on one of the four elements—air, fire, earth, and water. Pollan explores different aspects of food, cooking, culture, politics, and history through this unique lens, blending his cerebral insights with a genuine fascination for sensory experiences.

10. The Chef Show

The Chef Show, hosted by Jon Favreau and chef Roy Choi, is a delightful blend of cooking and conversation. The duo travels around, cooking with famous chefs and celebrities. The show offers a behind-the-scenes look at cooking techniques, delicious recipes, and fun, engaging interactions with guests.

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