Zulqarnain Sikandar is an Internet personality and YouTuber, known for his comedic and popular videos. Zulqarnain shares videos featuring his wife and daughter. More often than not, he is pranking the two. Though most of his pranks are light-hearted, and loved by all his followers, his recent one was not. Zulqarnain Sikandar’s latest ‘second marriage’ prank on his wife, and mother, left fans disappointed and disheartened.

How Zulqarnain Executed This Prank

Initially, we see Zulqarnain’s sister-in-law with him, and he addresses her as his second wife. Suggesting that in this prank, she will be playing that role. The vlog then shows his wife, Kanwal, leaving for the salon, explaining she will be out for a tentative 3-4 hours. This gave Zulqarnain the perfect opportunity to lay out his prank.

After Kanwal left, the props and costumes for the prank were arranged. Right before she came home, the two took positions and sat in the lounge. The new bride, covered in a veil, and the groom in flowers. He even covered the car in flowers!

Funny enough, Kanwal enters Zulqarnain speaking to his supposed new wife, “I am so glad that my daughter is getting along with you, my biggest concern was you two getting alone,” In complete utter shock, Zulqarnain’s wife enters, with his mother right behind. After a brief explanation of what has been done, the scene turns into complete dramatic chaos. Shortly after, it was revealed that the situation was just a prank.

Fans Disappointed

Turns out not everyone had a good laugh. Too many were quick to identify the fake nature of this prank. Others raised concerns about the effect this may have had on their young daughter. The reality is, such mainstream pranks are usually scripted, regardless they are there for a good laugh, and shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

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Mahnoor Rashid
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