Zong 4G, opened the doors of its headquarters for a delegation from Roots Millennium School.

Under the realm of its ‘New Hope’ employee volunteer program, Zong 4G has been bridging the digital divide to make a meaningful impact on the wider community and contribute towards its commitment of a more digitalized Pakistan.

Youth being the ambassadors of this nation on so many platforms, some of the school’s brightest students were invited for a visit of CMPak, this comprised of a tour of CMPak headquarters where the students were provided with an overview of the basic information and developmental milestones of the corporation.

More in more, the students were briefed about the numerous departments and functions of a successful multi-national enterprise.

Emphasizing the importance of customer-centric approach of the company, students were also given a hands-on demonstration of Zong 4G’s state of the art customer care center where they got to interact with the employees and spent time closely understanding the dedication behind serving the customers round the clock.

Consequently, in this era of rapid development, innovation is what drives a company to new heights, thus, students were also informed about the importance of product innovation at Zong 4G and how it changes industries and markets, hence being the key for any business to be the market leader.