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Image Source: Refinery29

Former One Directioner Zayn Malik, who has 30.2 million followers on Twitter and 38.3 million on Instagram, is one of the most loved British singers of the current times. He and Gigi Hadid welcomed a member into the family quite recently, so they were in the news for that too. And then Gigi Hadid unintentionally ended up promoting a local Pakistani brand, which was quite an uproar.

Zayn Malik Number?

But that was Zayn’s partner. Our article is about something that Zayn has done, and the fans almost had a heart attack. On his Twitter account yesterday, Zayn dropped a number.

+1 (323)-991-ZAYN

At first, people didn’t realize what had happened. Did he accidentally share his personal number? Or, was he trying to tell the fans that there was a way they could contact him?

What’s more, Hadid replied to the tweet saying, ‘extensions 6 and 8.’ Was she implying that diallers need to press for these extensions to talk to their partner? It was all confusing.

But soon, the mystery cleared up.

The reality 

As it turns out, the British singer is releasing his third album. The album is called, Nobody is Listening. And the number Malik listed is definitely legit, just that it is not his personal number. So when you call on that number, you will hear your favorite singer’s voice that says:

“Yo, this is Zayn here. Album is dropping on January 15. Press any number from one through nine to get to meet me. Press it now.”

You basically get a sneak peek of the album.

Going back to Gigi’s message, the extensions 6 and 8, it means that Gigi’s favorites in the upcoming album are the 6th and the 8th songs.

Moreover, once you disconnect, the number sends a text on your cellphone, more or less the same message you heard in Zayn’s voice.

“Yoo, Zayn here! Tx for hitting my line. Give me your dates so we can stay in touch.”

So if you want to talk to him, or well, just listen to his voice that seems like he is talking to you, give it a shot.

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