Zara Noor Abbas Beautifully Speaks Out Against Beauty Standards
Image Source: Instagram/Zara Noor Abbas

The one thing we all need to get straight is the fact that nobody is perfect. Yes, even the celebrities we see on the screen that we look up to. Those who get inspired by the looks of these celebrities need to know that it takes a lot of makeup, lights, and editing to make them look picture-perfect.

Many have set their beauty standards according to their favorite celebrity, but that is just wrong. Little do we know, even our ‘perfect’ celebrities get trolled based on their appearance. Their lives aren’t easy as it may seem on the TV screen or social media. They are just like you and me.

Zara Noor Abbas Has A Heart Of Gold

Just recently, Zara Noor Abbas shared some beautiful golden words when she was going through her messages sent in by her fans. The message she chose to cater to was indeed eye-opening because not every celebrity would talk about it.

The message she read was, “My pimple, acne, and my extremely bad skin bothers me the most, Zara. You’re so lucky because you’re too beautiful.”

To which, Zara had the most beautiful answer. She said, 

“Just because somebody has a pretty face, a bigger house or a bigger car doesn’t mean they are happy or lucky. You can’t let your insecurities overshadow you, especially if you are a woman, nowadays everyone talks about women empowerment; in these time, if you are going to focus on your pimples and acne, it’s not right.”

She further added,

“Who told you that you are not beautiful? Your family obviously cannot say a thing like, and if someone else has said this, send that someone else somewhere else.”

She concluded her message saying, “If you surround your self with negative people, life would be very difficult.”

Here’s the video of her heartwarming message

It’s incredible to see how our celebrities are encouraging their followers to look at their inner self and beauty and to focus on how important it is to accept yourself the way you are. Self-love, allowing your inner and outer self will bring out the best in you. The earlier you figure this out, the better it would be.

What do you think of Zara Noor’s wise words? Don’t you think it was beautiful? Let us know in the comments below.

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