Karachi: Zameen.com — Pakistan’s largest real estate enterprise — recently organized its flagship Zameen Business Connect Event. This initiative is aimed at engaging the company’s affiliates by presenting them with high-quality real estate projects that provide safe and profitable investment opportunities.

Over the past few months, several such events have been organized across the country, with the latest edition taking place at Cliffvista, Karachi. This is the first such event to take place in the city for the past 1.5 years and it showed — with attendance almost double than was previously expected.

On the occasion, Zameen’s Senior Director (South) Taha Mehmood stated that the Affiliate program was an essential part of Zameen’s business model and that steps were being taken to expand the affiliate network even further, in order to best facilitate the country’s real estate industry and all stakeholders involved.

Similarly, Director CPML (Karachi) Agha Israr reiterated the significance of Zameen’s Affiliate network and further talked about the various benefits that the company offered to its members. He revealed that being a part of the network provided Zameen Affiliates access to useful and unique resources like Propforce, and gave them the chance to explore the most profitable investment opportunities in their regions.

Zameen’s Senior Manager (Affiliate Network) Agha Sultan also took the opportunity to address the attendees at the event He said that while Zameen Affiliates already have an edge over other realtors because of their access to Zameen.com’s exclusive inventory. He further explained that Zameen.com held the exclusive marketing and sales rights for these projects and that Propforce allowed for this inventory to be extended to sales agencies and individual realtors, giving them unparalleled access to the country’s property market.

At the conclusion of the event, the top-performing affiliates were provided with gifts and some were elevated to the illustrious rank of Premium Affiliate, which will enable them to avail exclusive services/facilities provided by Zameen.