‘Participation of foreign players to highlight positive image of Pakistan’, Zameen.com Director Corporate Communications Ibrahim Suheyl

Lahore: Zameen.com and Lahore Polo Club joined hands on Monday to inaugurate the Zameen National Open Polo Championship for the Quaid e Azam Gold Cup 2020 at a ceremony to unveil local and foreign players in Lahore.


President Lahore Polo Club Atif Tiwana, executive members Agha Murtaza, Najeeb Agha, Usman Haye, Director Corporate Communications Zameen.com Ibrahim Suheyl and Marketing Manager Rizwan Kazmi were special guests at the event.

Source: Zameen

The two-week tournament will formally commence on Tuesday, February 25, at the Lahore Polo Club.

The event will feature six teams consisting of both local and international players. Two foreign umpires, from the UK and Italy, will also officiate in the tournament.

Talking to reporters Zameen.com’s Director Corporate Communications Ibrahim Suheyl said Zameen.com promotes sports all over the country and it is a matter of honour for the company to sponsor this prestigious polo tournament.

“The Zameen National Open for Quaid e Azam Cup 2020 features a number of local as well as international players, which highlights a positive image of Pakistan internationally,” he said.