Pakistan’s most popular YouTuber, comedian, and vlogger, Zaid Ali, is currently facing backlash over his baby shower. Zaid Ali and his wife, Yumna, are soon about to welcome their second child, after their son. However, many have sent their blessings for the family, and as always the comment section has been filled with hate. Netizens have stated that the gender reveal celebration is quite “shameless”.

Zaid Ali made a name for himself representing brown parents in a comedic way. He made short clips of scenarios where his parents didn’t make sense and acted out both his dad and his mom. Many popular names today, have actually followed Zaid’s footsteps to get where they are. He is an inspiration to many! As he too started from just a small bedroom.

The couple did not reveal the gender of their baby yet, but because everything was so pink, it’s safe to say it’s a girl!! Yumna shared a beautiful glimpse of the shower. She shared photos of the day, the couple, and the loved ones there.

Netizens’ Reaction to Zaid Ali and Yumna’s Baby Shower

While many absolutely adored the celebration and wished the couple and their baby the best of health, others objected.

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Concerns about the loss of culture were raised. Netizens objected to the fact that they have completely embraced Western culture. From the clothes to the food and traditions, there’s barely anything cultural in their lifestyle. Many were horrified to learn that neither have used their platforms to raise awareness about Palestine, despite being Muslims.

The two have not responded to the hate and it is unlikely they will. In most situations like these, they don’t. However, it is unfortunate to see that even a moment of happiness like this receives so much backlash.

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