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The name Zaid Ali is not unknown to any Pakistani household at this point. We all know the Pakistani vlogger living in Canada who started making comedy videos a few years ago. His videos were relatable to not just desis abroad but also to the local Pakistanis. And this was because he was employing the dynamic seen in local households and if not that, he was using Bollywood references that all of us can relate to.

The best ones were definitely with him wearing the dupatta and pretending to be a brown mom. Our beloved comedian/vlogger has shown us that if the content is right, you will stay relevant. And we saw that when he won the best vlogger award at PISA.

Zaid Ali buys a car for the wife

Recently, he posted a picture on Instagram with his wife, where he said that he bought a car for her. The caption read:

“Today is not our anniversary. Today is not Yumnah’s birthday, today is nothing special… but I decided to buy Yumnah a new car. Sometimes I feel that we shouldn’t need to justify why we buy something for the people we love. We should spoil and love them just as much on normal days as we do on special days. That’s what makes a relationship strong.”

The car-iPhone analogy and Vlogger’s Response

Of course, like everything else, people like to take everything and fit it in their context. So, this gesture of love was used as well. A Twitter user by the handle @BlueSap26 made a meme out of it by saying that Zaid Ali can buy a car for his ‘girl’ while you cannot get an iPhone.

Zaid Ali was quick to respond. He told off the girl by picking up on the world ‘girl.’ According to him, she used the wrong word here because Yumnah is his wife and not his girl. Of course, the word, girl is in the context of ’girlfriend’. He further elaborated that his wife has been with him through thick and thin and not because of worldly things.

As Zaid Ali’s explanation was heaven for the boys on Twitter, who started using his statement to bash girls. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Twitter Boys on Zaid’s Response

1. Nikkah=gifts

2. The one hurt by Civic memes

3. Because yes, it all boils down to respect

At the end of the day, it is all about respecting the other person and loving them through every phase of your life. And, you can show affection through materialistic things because the essence behind the gesture is true. So, we agree with you, Zaid Ali. Stay happy!

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