Zafar Abbas is one of the most influential and popular human rights activists in Pakistan right now. He has done most of his work for the people of Karachi. He also owns Jafriya Disaster Management Cell Welfare Organization commonly known as JDC Foundation Pakistan. It is a nonprofit and non-governmental organization. It runs on volunteer work that is mainly contributed by the youth of the city.

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Zafar Abbas is one of those people that has always spoken boldly and bravely knowing well that it may pose a threat to his life. He is well known for his habit of calling people out for their wrongdoings and going to extreme lengths to serve the people of Karachi during hard times.

He recently appeared in a YouTube interview/podcast where he spoke on many topics related to Karachi mafias and even predicted his death.

If you want to watch the whole video, here it is.

He starts by talking about how people should start speaking ad working for themselves rather than just sitting and waiting for someone else to come and do everything for them. What he meant by saying this is that Karachi is being run by several “mafias” and if people want to get rid of these mafias they will have to stand by him. He then further mentions how he, along with the people of Karachi worked together to fix the electricity poles so they do not kill little children when it rains.

Zafar Abbas acknowledged that the people did that for themselves. He stated that they stood by him and now their children are safe from getting electrocuted when it rains. He also talks about the “boycott fruit” movement that has been going on in Karachi against fruit vendors. He claims that all such supported groups who try to loot the citizens in different ways are all “mafias” and have to be fought against with unity.

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He further stated, “Ye mafias mujhe ek din ibratnaak maut maren ge kyun ke Pakistan ki tareekh main aj tak aesa boycott nahi hua hai.” Nadir Ali the interviewer even asked if this was a prediction to which Zafar Abbas replied that he was absolutely certain of it because “mafias have never lost in Pakistan.” He further exposes these mafias by telling Nadir that they would sell fruit worth 5 crores for the price of 30 crores, they would never listen to the authorities or follow the state budget lists and that’s why the public boycotted them, and reminded them of their place.

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