During Ramadan, Pakistani dramas become an essential source of entertainment. As the fast breaks and families gather, the television lights up with compelling narratives. The best episodes always air right at Sehri, adding an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to the Ramadan experience.

For this Ramadan, we’ve put together a list of the latest Pakistani dramas you MUST watch.

1. Very Filmy

Hum TV’s upcoming romantic and comedic show, “Very Filmy.” Spectated to begin from 1st Ramadan however, no schedule has been shared just yet. The YouTube channel describes the show as,
” a charming journey filled with romance, humor, and drama, as viewers delve into the lives of Danya and Rohaan. ”

2. Chand Nagar

Bol Entertainment’s new Ramadan drama, Chand Nagar is perhaps the most awaited show this year! With hype all around the cast, the channel has promised an episode every night at 9 PM. Starring Fariya Hassan, the channel has shared hilarious BTS clips as well.

3. Umm-E-Ayesha

Har Pal Geo’s Ramadan segment ” Umm-E-Ayesha ” follows the story of a young girl. It shares her journey of navigating a traditional society while having modern values. Catch Umm-E-Ayesha every evening at 6:00 ON Geo Entertainment, starting from the first of Ramadan.

4. Dil Pe Dastak

Hum TV isn’t done just yet. Something else seems to be cooking up! Dil Pe Dastak is their SECOND Ramadan drama this season. With a starring lead like Khaqan Shahnawaz, this drama promises you a rollercoaster full of laughter and emotions. Catch Dil Pe Dastak for an experience that will leave you refreshed and uplifted.

5. Ishqaway

The perfect blend of comedy, romance, and endless fun. Isqaway is ready to cheer you up after a long day of fasting every evening at 7:15. Har Pal Geo has done it again! Isqaway is a story about a talentless girl, with a burning passion for singing. Music to her ears is no music to anyone else. After discovering a singing competition and being determined to win it, who in the family will step up and let her know she can’t do it?

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Mahnoor Rashid
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