Former Pakistan captain Younis Khan has some solid advice for Babar Azam as Pakistan prepares for the upcoming T20 World Cup in the West Indies and the United States. Speaking in Karachi, Younis emphasised the importance of leadership and urged Babar Azam to prioritize team goals over personal goals.

Younis Khan, who famously led Pakistan to victory in the 2009 T20 World Cup, acknowledged Babar’s immense talent and form but stressed that a captain’s role goes beyond personal performance.

“Babar Azam is a top player and he is in good form. He must lead the team from the front. He must not only focus on his own performance but also extract the best out of his team,” Younis stated.


He elaborated on the multifaceted responsibilities of a captain. “When you’re the captain, it’s not just about your own performance; you need to focus on other players’ performances as well. I would love to see Babar becoming man of the series and also winning the trophy for Pakistan,” he said.

Younis highlighted the importance of a collective effort in the T20 format. He advised against assigning specific playing styles to individual players, urging the entire batting lineup to contribute dynamically according to the team’s requirements.

“In this format, everyone has to play their part, be it a youngster or a senior. Everyone should contribute according to the situation.


“Make sure you play the powerplay according to the powerplay, and we also need batters who can keep the scoreboard moving in the middle overs.”

Addressing the much-anticipated India vs. Pakistan clash in the World Cup, Younis spoke about the unique pressure and unpredictability of this high-stakes match.

“India vs. Pakistan always starts as a fifty-fifty game,” he remarked. “Even though one team might look superior on paper, this match is not just about skills; it also tests your nerves.”

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