Former Pakistan captain Younis Khan has set the record straight, dismissing the idea that the Pakistan Champions team, made up of former players, is fitter than the current national squad. This discussion has emerged amid the Pakistan cricket team’s recent criticism following their early exit from the T20 World Cup 2024 after losses to the United States and India.

Champions vs. Current Team: The Debate

The debate intensified when the Pakistan Champions showcased brilliant performances in the ongoing World Championship of Legends (WCL 2024). Their impressive play led many fans to claim that the retired players are better than the current national team.

However, Younis Khan, the captain of the Pakistan Champions, shared his perspective during the post-match press conference after defeating the India Champions. When a journalist suggested that the Pakistan Champions appear fitter than the current national team, Younis was quick to respond.

“It’s not like that. Our current national team is very fit. When a team doesn’t win, such things are said. We are winning, which is why people are speaking positively about us,” Younis stated, dismissing the notion that the retired players are in better shape.

Younis Khan’s Goal

He further emphasized their goal to win the tournament and bring joy to their fans, especially after the national team’s disappointing T20 World Cup performance.

“We aim to win the trophy and give our fans something to smile about, especially since many fans are becoming disheartened after the Pakistan team’s poor performance in the T20 World Cup,” he added.


World Championship of Legends 2024

The inaugural edition of the World Championship of Legends 2024 is in full swing in England. Organized by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), this T20 tournament started on July 3 and will conclude with the final on July 13 in Birmingham.

The tournament features teams from Pakistan, India, England, Australia, West Indies and South Africa, comprising of former players or some of currently discarded players.

The Pakistan Champions have been on fire, winning all four of their games and becoming the first team to qualify for the semi-finals. Their stellar performance has certainly captivated fans, but Younis Khan’s comments highlight the importance of supporting the current national team as they work to improve and succeed in future competitions.

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